What does International Women's Day mean to you? For
me, International Women's Day is about promoting gender equality and empowering women to pursue their dreams and aspirations, whether it's in fashion or any other field. It's also a day to acknowledge the women who have mentored me and helped me get to where I am today.

What stigmas or adversities have you experienced in your
career, industry or in life, that you would like to see dismantled?
As a woman, I've faced bias within the workplace, especially when I worked in the corporate world. I believe that women should be able to express themselves through their clothes without being judged or limited by societal expectations. International Women's Day is a reminder that we should strive for a world where women can be confident in their skin and express their individuality.

What personal or career advice have you received that's
been particularly valuable to you?
When I started out, someone told me that 'you are your brand'. Present yourself well and focus on building solid relationships and maintaining a positive reputation with those around you. Especially within my industry, succeeding is about so much more than having a flair for fashion, it is about networking, researching and respecting people. 

What is the action or decision you've made that you're
most proud of? 
Becoming a parent and being a mum to my daughters Ava and Elle. As someone who has always thrived on work, they've taught me what my real purpose in life is and what counts. Professionally, having the courage to start my brand Lana Wilkinson. I am challenged daily and love what I build with my team. I'm only getting started and excited about what is to come.

How can women better empower each other to succeed? Creating networks for women to lean on each other in a personal and professional setting is so essential - mentoring can help younger or less experienced women to develop their skills and confidence, allow us to build connections and find new opportunities.

Why do you think diversity and inclusion in the workplace is so important? Diverse teams bring different perspectives, experiences, and ideas to the table, which can lead to more creative and innovative collaborations. Brands that reflect the diversity of their customers are more likely to create products and services that meet their needs. Women can create a more inclusive and supportive environment where everyone can thrive by advocating for each other.

What is one small act each of us can do that supports the IWD 2023 theme #EmbraceEquity? I aspire to be a role model to my girls; I want them to know that you can achieve anything if you work hard. I think talking about equality with friends, family, and colleagues around us will only promote the cause further and lead to more change. 

If you could have dinner with an inspirational woman, dead or alive, who would they be and why? Right now, I'd say Kris Jenner. As someone who built an empire and multiple businesses, I'd love to speak to her and learn how she did it: all the wins, losses and everything in between. As someone building a brand, I'd love to apply those insights to my business and brand. Whatever anyone's thoughts, there is no denying the impact her force and family have had on popular culture for over a decade. 

Lana wears the Aston Silk Linen Mini Dress in Cream.