Eclipse 21.

A new outlook for Joslin.
A collection designed, developed and produced throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, an endless lockdown and a year like no other.
 Behind this collection there is fear, anger, sadness, uncertainty, envy, anxiety, confusion, frustration, hopelessness and heartache.
But there is also gratitude, love, relief, admiration, anticipation, passion, learning, freedom, hope and a new outlook.
I am eternally grateful to everyone who supported me during an uncertain time in history and the year that was 2020.
To my husband, my family, my friends, my incredible team, my peers, my agents, my creative team near and far, my makers, my customers and my angel, my grandmother Joslin, Thankyou.
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for survival.
There may never be another time like this, be grateful for what the world learnt in 2020.
Elinor Joslin