Knitwear & Sweaters

Enduring forever designs and keepsakes, consciously created to be loved and cherished for a lifetime. Crafted from responsibly sourced yarns, which encompass 'Responsible Wool Standard' accredited Merino Wool, certified Organic Cotton, and opulent certified Ethical Cashmere.

Joslin stands for the prevention, reduction and eradication of animal suffering in the production supply chain and works in line with the five freedoms of animal welfare. Joslin only uses textiles, yarns and raw materials that are of natural origin and traceable to the source. Joslin has due diligence in ensuring certification, traceability and authenticity, improving environmental conditions, social and ethical compliance, and carbon footprint within our Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers.

Joslin Knit Sweaters

Discover JOSLIN's consciously created collection of Knitwear & Sweaters. Crafted from responsibility-sourced yarns and an ethically audited and highly experienced factory. Read about JOSLIN's Textiles and TraceabilityResponsibility and Transparency further via JOSLIN's Sustainability Page. Browse through JOSLIN's edit of Knit Sweaters, Knit Tops, Knit Pants and Knit Dresses, ideal for winter dressing, summer dressing, resort and holiday, workwear, and the everyday.