Joslin Emilia Midi Shirt Dress

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Discover JOSLIN's new arrival, the Emilia Linen Shirt Midi Dress. Crafted from French Linen Batiste and Cotton Broiderie Angalise, the immaculate detailing of fabric-covered buttons, pintucks, and cotton crochet cluney lace will have you head over heels in love with JOSLIN. The Emilia Dress is ideal for seasonless dressing, resort and holiday, workwear, breakfast and lunch events, and the everyday. Designed in-house, JOSLIN offers a wide range of dresses, including other Smock DressesMini DressesMidi DressesMaxi Dresses and Knit Dresses. Read about JOSLIN's Textiles and TraceabilityResponsibility and Transparency further via JOSLIN's Sustainability Page.