What does International Women's Day mean to you? It means that we are not just representing women on a special day, but about empowering every woman around us to create and support change. 

What stigmas or adversities have you experienced in your career, industry or in life, that you would like to see dismantled? I have faced the stigma that since I am a woman, I may not be as good at my job or as qualified to succeed in a career in finance. I would love to see the stigma dismantled that women must take time off to start a family. There is no expectation or need to put your career on hold, you can have it all. 

What personal or career advice have you received that's been particularly valuable to you? Done is better than perfect. 

What is the action or decision you've made that you're most proud of? I am the proudest of She's on the Money and the community that has come from it. 

How can women better empower each other to succeed? I think that women empowering each other needs to start with empowering themselves. When you empower yourself, you give people permission and power to show themselves the same love. 

Why do you think diversity and inclusion in the workplace is so important? As a company, you achieve better outcomes and make better decisions when you have many different opinions and experiences come together to create ideas. You reach and resonate with more people by having well-rounded people surrounding you. 

What is one small act each of us can do that supports the IWD 2023 theme #EmbraceEquity? Having conversations around salary with your girlfriends, family and work colleagues. 

If you could have dinner with an inspirational woman, dead or alive, who would they be and why? Rosa Parks was an instigator of change because she stood up for what she believed in. She stood up for something, knowing the consequences could be extremely scary, but doing it regardless. I would love to learn and speak to someone who backed themselves so much that they dared to generate change.

Victoria wears the Katie Organic Cotton Cashmere Knit in Blush Pink.