Business Practices

There is a significant hidden cost to the environment with online shopping, from plastic carrier satchels, excess branded packaging and carbon emissions from freight forwarding aircrafts to transport online orders and returns. With this in mind, the Joslin team practices sustainable servicing of their e-commerce business: 
- Joslin’s e-commerce orders are sent in 100% compostable carrier bags for all shipments to customers worldwide, we purchase our compostable carrier satchels from The Better Packaging Company. 
- Joslin uses 100% recycled tissue paper (from No Issue Tissue ) to wrap all orders and 100% recycled card and paper for all branding and invoicing. Joslin avoids excess inner packaging such as boxes for e-commerce in the aid of reducing landfill and virgin paper production from cutting down trees. 

All garments exported worldwide from China come inside 100% plastic bags or poly bags, one of the world's worst hidden uses of soft plastic. Joslin proudly imports all garments into Australia inside 100% compostable plant-based satchels. The Joslin team works tirelessly to recycle and correctly dispose of all plastic and soft-plastic used by the business, wherever possible the Joslin team finds alternatives to plastic. 100% of the soft plastics used by the Joslin business are recycled weekly by each team member taking turns to deliver our soft plastics to official soft plastic recycling bins, for more information discover REDcycle.

Joslin Studio Pty Ltd has made an enormous effort within their Critical Path, to reduce their carbon footprint within their operations, by consciously reducing the use of aviation in freighting logistics with the vast majority of collections and/or product now freighted via sea. 
All of Joslin’s international e-commerce orders and packages sent through our supply chain are carbon offset through the DHL GoGreen Climate Neutral shipping service. 

Joslin Studio Pty Ltd condemns the destruction of end-of-life stock, which is a practice in which we have never been involved. All end-of-life stock is donated to charities, charitable initiatives, family and friends of the team.

Joslin Studio Pty Ltd uses the same textiles, materials, trims and raw materials ongoing in each collection to eliminate waste. In the case that a Supplier/Manufacturer/Business Partner overbuys or overproduces a textile, material, trim or raw material, it will be produced under approval by Joslin Studio Pty Ltd or put aside for usage within the next Purchase Order. 

Joslin Studio Pty Ltd works with all Team Members, Agents, Creatives, Customers, Stockists, Suppliers, Vendors and Distributers to ensure that all business partnerships follow locals’ laws, social compliance and fair-trading terms within given circumstances. If an issue occurs that is either 1) not at either parties’ fault or 2) out of reasonable control, Joslin Studio Pty Ltd will endeavour to proceed with what is fair and reasonable for both parties

2021 Update

Joslin has employed a 'Sustainability Coordinator' within the Head Office team to improve environmental compliance, social compliance, inclusivity and diversity across the business. 
In April 2021, we will update our 2021 Sustainability Plan and 2021 Supplier Code of Conduct.